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EXHIBITION: "Neo-Mythology, 2017"
Exhibition Video, and thanks to Trond K & the Serious Issues for the Music
- or go further below and have a walk for yourself in the 3D exhibition

Digital Painting & Drawing

Here you will find the latest artworks, and to get to the full list of artworks. Samples back to my first one man show back in 1984, lots inbetween, and as said - the latest artworks.

I endorse both the French based Artmajeur and UK based ArtStack.
Artmajeur Art Shop

Go Berserk

Yes, art is great on the wall, but why not that and more? When you get a digital file, you can get your artwork on wallpaper, tiles in the bathroom so you can have a shower within a painting?

Within the framework of the creative commons and digiseed certificate for your artwork - go berserk with art, after all, it comes from a contemporary Viking artist (-:


On my site, you will, of course, find something exclusively. Here is paintings and stories around them, from the first one-man show in 1984 and up to when I just left the western art scene in 1990. You should be able to find out why I left the western art-industry as well.